Hi folks,

The Coronavirus crisis is currently playing havoc with large parts of the planet and we are not immune to its consequences at Thirsty. Working together with you fine people - our patrons and supporters - we *will* get through this difficult period, doing our best as members of the community and continuing to serve the very finest grog in Cambridge town. But it is unlikely to be straightforward. And we'll all need to help each other out.

Here is the current state of play, as of Monday afternoon.

- staff members wash hands frequently and always after handling glassware
- staff members always cover the mouth if coughing/sneezing, disposing of tissues immediately, washing hands - and ideally move away from the bar area
- staff members will be sent home if any symptoms are suspected (*and please stay clear of our sites if you show symptoms yourselves*)
- frequent washing and disinfection of door handles, fridge doors, tabletops, bar areas, POS system, toilet facilities
- glasses not to be touched above the bottom third at any time. Team will thoroughly wash hands before returning to service after clearing used glasses. Glasses never to be re-used for a second drink/taster
- we strongly discourage customers from sharing glassware at any time
- contactless payment to be used when possible
- signage to support the above measures and encourage best practice, eg in keeping distance from other customers
- we have sufficient stocks of loo roll and soap for now, but please ensure none of it goes walkies...

It appears increasingly likely that we will need to restrict our activities at some point, either following government action or reaching our own decision for the good of our community. We anticipate that there may be two stages. Under stage 1, we would remain open (for shorter hours) for takeout sales only - and probably at Chesterton Road only. Under stage 2, both sites would close and a webshop would offer takeout sales for free home delivery in the Cambridge area. There is, of course, a theoretical stage 3 whereby we have to cease all activity. We will keep you posted on the steps we take as the situation evolves rapidly.

For your info, both sites currently have good stock levels of the very best craft beers and natural wines, so now might be a good time to stash a few bottles and cans away that you can enjoy at home. We also continue to have a fab range of beers and wines on draft or by the glass at both sites.

If you have any questions or comments on the above, please feel free to contact me, Georgia at Chesterton Road or Alex at King Street. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and look out for each other. Cheers - Sam and all the Thirsty crew

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